Douglas Environmental Services
P.O. Box 918, Waigani NCD, PNG

Natural Resource Investigations

Social Impacts

  • Social Impact Investigation (South Seas Tuna Corporation)
  • Socio-economic Management Plan (Kainantu Gold Project)
  • Social Impact study (Navo/Ibana Oil Palm – Hargy)
  • Social Impact Peer Review (Ramu Nickel project (for Department of Environment & Conservation)
  • Socio-Economic Review (PNG Gas Pipeline to Australia (for Department of Environment & Conservation).

Fresh Water Biology

  • Ibana River (Hargy Oil Palm)
  • Silali Creek (Hargy Oil Palm)
  • Brandi River (South Seas Tuna Corporation)
  • Dobuduru Streams (Higaturu Oil Palm)
  • Kum River (PNG Water Board)
  • Lae Creeks (Mainland Holdings Ltd)
  • Oil Palm Creeks & Rivers (OPIC)

Terrestrial Ecology

  • South Seas Tuna Corporation
  • Dobuduru Grasslands Oil Palm (HOP)
  • Navo/Ibana Oil Palm (Hargy)
  • Mt. Sinivit Gold Mine
  • Konebada Petroleum Park Authority

Marine Ecology
  • InterOil Baseline and Monitoring Survey (Napa Napa) (including coral survey and Fish Census)
  • Baseline and Monitoring Survey (Motukea Dockyard (Curtain Bros.)
  • Eastern Port Moresby Harbour – Marine Ecosystem Map (Eda Ranu)
  • Marine Outfall Pipeline Corridor Ecosystem Survey (Eda Ranu)
  • Coral Reef Baseline and Monitoring Survey (South Seas Tuna Corporation – Wewak)
  • Buluma Wharf (Stettin Bay Lumber)
  • Bialla Wharf (Hargy Oil Palm)
  • Konebada Petroleum Park Authority

Water Quality

  • Silali Creek (Hargy Oil Palm)
  • Buluma Groundwater Quality Investigation (Stettin Bay Lumber Co.)

Water Supply
  • South Seas Tuna Corporation
  • Konebada Petroleum Park Authority

Groundwater Investigations

  • PNG Water Board, Madang, Mt. Hagen Sewage
  • Konebada Petroleum Park Authority
  • South Seas Tuna Corporation
  • Stettin Bay Timber Co. (Water Quality)
Marine Currents
  • Motukea Dockyard (Curtain Bros)
  • South Seas Tuna Corporation
  • Joyce Bay Marine Outfall (PNG Water Board)
  • Konebada Petroleum Park Authority

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Aerial Emissions

  • Kanudi Power Station
    (Stack Testing & Emission Modeling)
  • Napa Napa Refinery (Stack Testing)
Noise Monitoring

  • Hargy (Navo Mill)
  • InterOil (Refinery)
  • South Seas Tuna Corporation
  • Mainland Holdings
Odour Management
  • South Seas Tuna Corporation
Metrological Data
  • Konebada Petroleum Park Authority
  • Motukea Dockyard

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